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Carlos Gonzalez Best Bet At Triple Crown, Writes,'s Cliff Corcoran

Now that he has taken the lead in two of the three Triple Crown categories, Carlos Gonzalez is beginning to garner the media attention that he should have had long ago.’s Cliff Corcoran has come to the conclusion that if someone should win the Triple Crown this season, that player will be Carlos Gonzalez:

The odds are against any player winning the Triple Crown, as the last 42 seasons have shown, but if that drought is going to end this year, it won’t be perpetual Triple-Crown threat Prince Albert or the slugging star of the upstart Cincinnati Reds who will do it. It will be the slender 24-year-old Venezuelan kid who was traded twice in a calendar year less than two years ago. If anyone is going to win baseball’s Triple Crown in 2010, it will be Carlos Gonzalez.

Of course, there will probably be those pundits who would call into question a CarGo Triple Crown because he plays half of his games at Coors Field.