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Race For The Triple Crown: Carlos Gonzalez Takes The RBI Lead

Carlos Gonzalez took the National League RBI lead last night with his three-run shot in the first inning. He is now only three behind Albert Pujols in home runs. The national media, which just a week ago was largely ignoring Carlos in this chase, has now eliminated Pujols in its mind and narrowed it down to Votto and CarGo. While there is plenty of time left for any of the three of them to get hot, Albert is slipping and slipping fast.

Last night’s results:

Carlos Gonzalez: 1-for-3, 1 HR, 3 RBI
Albert Pujols: 1-for-4
Joey Votto: 1-for-3

Here are the numbers on the race for the Triple Crown as of 9/8:

Carlos Gonzalez .340 (1st) 32 (3rd) 100 (1st)
Albert Pujols .308 (7th) 35 (1st) 97 (3rd)
Joey Votto .321 (2nd) 32 (3rd) 98 (2nd)