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Peaks & Valleys - Sept. 7 - NFL Season, Triple Crown Race Heat Up

Now that Labor Day has come and gone that means it's time for the NFL season to get underway. The Broncos released their first depth chart of the season with little surprise. Brady Quinn is the second-string quarterback, which leaves Tim Tebow's status in front of a hometown crowd in Jacksonville up in the air.

Carlos Gonzalez continued his silent assault on the Triple Crown title against one of his opponents, Joey Votto. Gonzalez is only a few home runs behind Pujols and an RBI or two behind Votto from leading all three Triple Crown categories. Except no one will even mention that because Carlos Gonzalez is a) playing in Colorado, b) not Albert Pujols or Joey Votto and c) not an ESPN darling.

Links about the Rockies, CU, CSU and the Nuggets after the jump.

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