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Race For The Triple Crown: Carlos Gonzalez, Joey Votto Clash In Rockies-Reds Series

Carlos Gonzalez has been on fire lately, helping the Rockies sweep the Padres over the weekend. Today, he and the Rockies host Joey Votto and the Reds at Coors Field.

Last night’s results:

Carlos Gonzalez: 3-for-5
Albert Pujols: 0-for-3
Joey Votto: 0-for-4

Here are the latest numbers on the race for the Triple Crown:

Carlos Gonzalez .337 (1st) 31 (5th) 95 (3rd)
Albert Pujols .309 (5th) 35 (1st) 96 (2nd)
Joey Votto .321 (2nd) 32 (3rd) 98 (1st)