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Halftime: Air Force 24 Northwestern State 21

The Falcons were looking to use this game against Northwestern State as a tune up before their big conference showdown against BYU, but at the half Air Force holds only a 24-21 lead. Air Force has just not been able to sustain any drives as they are one of five on third down attempts compared to Northwestern State who has converted six of eleven. The big play in the first half that made a difference was when Northwestern State punted to Anthony Wright, Jr who then fumbled the punt.

That turnover gave Northwestern State the ball on the Falcon seven and a few plays later tied the game at seven. Air Force did respond by scoring the next ten points, but the Falcon defense keeps allowing Northwestern State back in the game. Northwestern State is going blow to blow with Air Force and is exposing the Air Force secondary that is supposed to be best in the Mountain West, and so far in the first half have allowed 215 yards and two touchdowns all while playing two quarterbacks. Air Force was looking to take a 24-14 lead going into the half but a 23 yard pass combined with a 15 yard penalty against the Falcons allowed Northwestern State inside the five yard line were they proceeded to score a touchdown with thirty-three seconds left in the half.

Other bad news for the Falcons is that defensive back Reggie Rembert who is an all-Mountain West defensive back left the game in the first quarter and was carted off the field due to a neck injury. Rembert did raise his arm to the crowd while on the backboard and was taken to the locker room for precautionary reason. He did receive x-rays and  was able to move all of his extremities, so he looks to be ok. The injury to Rembert came after falling in a heap making a tackle.