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The Gameday Money Is Coming In On the Rams Over The Buffaloes

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When the odds makers first set the line for the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown at 13.5 points in favor of the Buffs, many thought that was too high for the rivalry game that is usually a very close battle. Throw in the fact that Colorado State beat the Buffs last year in Boulder, it was to be expected the line could very well come down leading up to the game.

Over the last week, the 13.5 point line has shrunk and now sits at 10, still a margin of victory all Buff fans would sign up for right now. But many have to start wondering if Colorado fans are in for another long day, this time at Invesco Field in Denver.

Colorado State starts a true freshman quarterback in Pete Thomas behind a revamped offensive line from a year ago. The Rams have talent at the running back position Raymond Carter so expect the team from Fort Collins to try to establish the ground game early. Colorado, on the other hand, has QB Tyler Hansen leading the charge, a junior who played in each of his first two years at Colorado. The key question is if Colorado will be able to move the ball against a tough front seven for the Rams led by LB Mychal Sisson and LB Ricky Brewer.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day from the press box at Mile High Stadium.