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Colorado Avalanche Sign Chris Stewart To Two-Year Deal

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With NHL training camp starting in the coming weeks, the Colorado Avalanche finally made a move this offseason by re-signing one of their own young forwards. The Avalanche and Chris Stewart agreed to a two-year, $5.75 million deal. The Avalanche have yet to sign their other young forward, Peter Mueller.

Mile High Hockey believes this deal hints at the front office possibly making a somewhat significant move soon: has the updated salary cap list as well with a calculated total Colorado cap of $39.64 million or about $3.75 million under the cap floor. The $2.875 million number is significantly lower than DDC's prediction and makes me wonder what else the Avs have up their sleeves, cuz I don't see them giving Peter Mueller more $$$ than Stewart. There may be signs of life in the front office after all.

Training camp begins September 17.