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Race For The Triple Crown: Rockies Lose, But Carlos Gonzalez Continues His Hot Streak

The Rockies lost a horrific game last night, but with the Cardinals and Reds off, Carlos Gonzalez was still able to make up some more ground in the race for the Triple Crown. 

Last night's results:

Joey Votto: Off
Albert Pujols: Off
Carlos Gonzalez: 3-5, 1 HR, 1 RBI

Here are the current numbers as of Sept. 2:

Carlos Gonzalez .332 (1st) 31 (5th) 93 (3rd)
Albert Pujols .313 (5th) 35 (1st) 95 (2nd)
Joey Votto .325 (2nd) 32 (3rd) 97 (1st)