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Colorado Meets The Union On A Rare Wednesday Home Game

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The Rapids lack of cup play and friendlies have led to a lack of games any day but Saturday this year, but a scheduling conflict with the Union earlier in the season meant that this game would have to be moved to much later in the season, namely today.

Last time the Philadelphia Union and the Colorado Rapids met, it was just a random game in the middle of the season where the Rapids were gunning for a road point or two. This time, there are playoff points on the line that the Rapids need to grab. They currently have 38 points after their surprising road draw in Salt Lake, so they only need five more to all but guarantee themselves a spot in the playoffs with 43 points. Three of those really should come against the Union today.

The Rapids will be playing on a short rest after the Salt Lake game, and also be playing without their top striker Conor Casey. Casey picked up his fifth yellow card against RSL, activating the automatic one game suspension. Macoumba Kandji will take his place starting up front with Omar Cummings, assuming Cummings is healthy as the Rapids stated pre-game. Kandji impressed highly against Real Salt Lake in his first ever Rapids start and should have a chance to excel against a fairly weak Philadelphia defense.

The Rapids have only lost one game at home this season and Philly has only won a couple on the road, so honestly there should be no reason to think that the Union will pull this one out. Colorado has won their last four home games by a combined score of 10-0, including three 3-0 wins against Houston, Chivas USA and New England.