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Erick Dampier To Decide Between Nuggets, Heat , Rockets Tomorrow

Former extremely overpaid Dallas Maverick center Erick Dampier will decide between Denver, Miami and Houston tomorrow for his 2010 destination. Dampier was recently released by the Charlotte Bobcasts after coming aboard (because of his large expiring contract) in the Tyson Chandler trade. He visited Miami today and is expected to sign with the Heat for the league minimum. Dampier's biggest issue with signing with the Nuggets seems to be a worry that a Carmelo Anthony trade would lead the Nuggets to start a rebuilding process.


As someone who grew up a Maverick fan, I really hope that Damp doesn't end up in Denver. Yes, he is a serviceable big man in a league with a dearth of serviceable big men and the Nuggets certainly have a need, but the stat lines don't tell the true story on Dampier. After the first (of very, very many) time he can't catch a perfectly thrown pass, fans of the team he ends up with will start seconding guessing the decision to bring him aboard.