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Hammel's "Dead Arm" A Major Concern

Colorado Rockies pitcher Jason Hammel has struggled in his last few starts of an otherwise brilliant season, and now reports are flooding in that he is suffering from “extreme" arm fatigue. This is a serious blow to the Rockies’ already slim playoff chances.


Hammel has been the most consistent Rockies pitcher this season, and if he is unable to start the rest of the season, then a dramatic reshuffling of the pitching staff will be necessary. Rookie Esmil Rogers would likely take his place in the rotation, making him unavailable as Jeff Francis insurance, who may not be available to pitch more than four or five effective innings.


Colorado’s staff, one of the best in baseball, has also suffered from serious injuries this season. Cy Young candidate Ubaldo Jimenez is the only starter from Opening Day to avoid the DL, and even he has been showing signs of fatigue. The Rockies are already running out of time to make the playoffs, and now it appears they are running out of healthy pitchers as well.