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Report: Colorado Headed To The Pac-10 In 2011, Will Forfeit $6.8 Million To The Big 12

Another report has surfaced that the Colorado Buffaloes will be leaving for the Pac-10 in 2011 and this one even gets into financials:

Chip Brown of (as if I need to tell you that at this point) is reporting that the Colorado Buffaloes WILL be leaving the Big 12 to join the Pac-10 after this season. Chip reports that the Buffaloes will be paying about $6.8 million of around $19 million of our revenues from the conference to leave.

The exit fee that Colorado is rumored to be forfeiting is almost $3 million less than the conference just announced that the University of Nebraska will be paying, most likely because CU gave the required two years notice (Colorado was originally planning to leave in 2012) and Nebraska did not. 

News is probably going to roll in pretty quickly now, so stay tuned here and at the Ralphie Report.