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Broncos - Seahawks Wrap-Up - Kyle Orton, Demaryius Thomas And Five Important Plays

The Denver Broncos have now moved to 1-1 on the 2010 season with a dominant 31-14 win over the Seattle Seahawks. SB Nation Broncos blog Mile High Report has posted its "aftermath" wrap-up of the game and it is a must read for any Broncos or NFL fan. Check out a few of the highlights and then head over and read the whole thing.

Because Broncos first-round draft pick Demaryius Thomas came from Georgia Tech, a school that now runs a primarily option offense, many casual fans were surprised when Denver selected him in the 2010 NFL Draft. I think it's safe to say that surprise has turned to some real excitement after Thomas saw his first real action for the Broncos against the Seahawks:

 What's There To Say About Bay-Bay? The Broncos waited until the 2nd quarter to unleash the New Beast, and Demaryius Thomas answered the bell. Just a few hours after Dez Bryant returned a punt for a touchdown for the Cowboys against the Bears - and I was getting the "Another McDaniels Bust" tweets - Thomas showed why the Broncos had him so high on draft boards. Eight catches, 97 yards and one TD. Thomas ran crisp routes, showed great hands, took contact, and most importantly made it out of the game healthy. His first play - a bubble screen on Third and 14 that gained 17 yards - showed just how fast and explosive he was. The Seahawks had no tape on Thomas and it showed. They were not ready for the speed. Dare I say the Broncos may finally have that true deep threat? Only time will tell, but Thomas looks like the real deal.

Very quietly, Kyle Orton has continued to play very, very well in 2010. From a strong preseason that saw him lead the NFL in third down conversions, to his first two regular season games where he has done everything and more that the team has asked of him, Orton is the leader of an offense that is starting to look like it could be a strength for this team. Eventually the NFL, and Bronco fans, will take notice:

Anyone Else Have Questions About Kyle Orton?? - Really. What else does this guy have to do to get respect? So his beards aren't the best. He doesn't have Tom Brady's good looks, and doesn't give an intriguing interview after the game. He's not going to say something controversial in a press conference, nor will he throw a teammate under the bus. He's the first to shoulder the blame after a loss and the first to spread the praise around after a win. Oh yea, 11-14 passing on third down yesterday, what I call the 'Money Down' for a quarterback, is pretty awesome too. Orton is top seven in virtually every QB category - at least numbers-wise. Give me a top 10 quarterback and I know I have a shot to win. I've said it ALL summer and I will say it again: Kyle Orton has complete control of the playbook and is the unquestioned leader of the Denver Broncos. I don't care who the Broncos traded for, who they drafted, Kyle Orton is the BEST OPTION for the Broncos to handle the football in every situation. He's earned it, he's proven it, and now the Broncos seemed content to let him run with it.

Finally, John Bena of Mile High Report and SB Nation Denver selects his five plays that change the game:

Don't Make Every Play, Just The Big Play! - There are five plays in every game that usually determine the outcome. Yesterday's game saw 128 rushing/passing plays combined by the two teams. Less than 5% of plays in a game usually determine its outcome. Last week, the Broncos didn't make those plays. Yesterday they did. Here are the five I picked - you can choose your own in the comments as well - you only get five. In no particular order:

1. Champ Bailey INT - Many of these plays are obvious, which is the point. Champ's INT, deep in Broncos' territory, was a huge momentum swing. The defense was on its heels, and the Seahawks were gaining confidence with every snap. But turning the Seahawks over, the Broncos regained momentum, and delivered a huge gut-punch to a team that is trying to build an identity of its own, much like the Broncos. At worst, the Seahawks are thinking three points. Instead, they get nothing

Head on over to Mile High Report to see the other four big plays the Broncos made last Sunday.