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Broncos Starters To Play Most Of The First Quarter Against The Vikings

The fourth preseason game is generally regarded as the least important for the team's starters and even some second stringers and is used to get some of the lesser used guys some important playing time. Often, a team's superstars will only see one or two series, if they take the field at all. Luckily for Broncos fans, we can at least expect the starters to be on the field for most of the first quarter:

And the Broncos close out the preseason tonight, trying to walk the line between staying healthy and being ready. Unlike Mike Shanahan, who often kept his starters and top backups out of the preseason finale, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels figures to play some of his starters well into the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings.

"Last year we played them a decent chunk in the first quarter," McDaniels said. "We don't put a play limit on them. There are some players that we want to see - if they can play this week. They're going to play and they're going to play more than three or four plays."

Brett Favre on the other hand, will not be seeing the field tonight, but I can guarantee that you will still hear the announcers discuss the jeans loving quarterback for a large chunk of the game.