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Colorado State Scores First Touchdown Of The Season In 31-10 Loss To Miami, OH

The Rams looked just like they did in their previous two loses, which is not a good thing. Their first touchdown of the year came with under 90 seconds left in the game by virtue of a short pass to Matt Yemm. The Rams actually performed comparable to Miami, OH, in total yards but the four turnovers and stalling on fourth down inside the five yard line is what did the team in.

Ram quarterback Pete Thomas looks to be the real deal as he passed for 305 yards with a touchdown, but did make a few freshman mistakes with two interceptions. The running game is down right terrible as they gained one yard, and even when you remove Pete Thomas' sack yardage that goes against the rushing game that number spikes up to seventeen total yards.

Byron Steele did have a good game for the Rams by having seven catches for 118 yards, but that is about all that went right for the Rams today.  

Their defense forced zero turnovers and did give up a lot of points, but the short fields they had to defend due to the offense turning the ball over did not help the defense. The Rams did a good job stopping the run by giving up only 67 yards.

This Miami, (OH) team did give Florida a run for their money defensively, so that is something the Rams should take some solace in.

This loss is the Rams twelfth in a row which equals a full season, and Steve Fairchild could be on the hot seat if he does not get a few wins this season.