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Hawaii Leads Colorado 7-0 in the Second Quarter

Hawaii has taken a 7-0 lead on the Colorado Buffaloes after QB Bryant Moniz hooked up with Kealoha Pilares for a seven yard score. The score came after the Buffs second turnover of the first half.

Other notes:

Colorado continues to hurt itself. They have turned the ball over two times and have had a few costly penalties on third down.

The Buffs have not been able to get pressure on Hawaii QB Bryant Moniz. He has had all day to throw the ball.

The CU offense does not have a vertical passing game at all. Through most of the first half, Tyler Hansen is 12 of 15 for 55 yards. Good for just over 3 yards an attempt. The Buffs aren’t able to put any pressure on the safeties.

Where are Toney Clemons and Travon Patterson? Unless they are catching 2 yard dig routes, they are not existent in this offense.