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Weekend Stay Inside And Watch Sports Guide - Rockies Face The Almost Don Mattingly Dodgers

You live in Denver. You can watch sports AND be outside. Hello rooftops!

All times Mountain.


Rockies at Dodgers: FSN-RM, 8:10 PM -- Ubaldo Jimenez vs Hiroki Kuroda -- The Dodgers now know that Don Mattingly will be replacing Joe Torre next year. Some people are saying that Torre won't even finish up the season. I don't care about any of that. Ubaldo is pitching. We win.


Hawaii at Colorado: FCS, 1:30 PM -- The Buffaloes try and rebound from their epic California flop against a team from even farther west. Hawaii has spent the last week in Vegas, I'm guessing they did most of the same things that I do when I go to Vegas. I usually only go for two days and feel like death upon my return. The Warriors most likely won't even show up.

Colorado State at Miami (Ohio): ESPN3, 1:30 PM --  The Rams haven't won in a long time. Like a really, really long time. This would be a better situation for CSU if they were in Ft. Collins as Miami isn't that good. Then again, the Rams haven't won in a really long time.

Air Force at Oklahoma: FSN-RM, 1:30 PM -- Some media types have been writing today that Air Force, and not Florida State, may be Oklahoma's toughest non-conference match up this season. That may be true because of the unique preparation involved in trying to stop the triple option, but Oklahoma is going to be very hot tomorrow and I just can't see the Falcons pulling off the upset. The heat has nothing to do with it. I just hate heat.

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Rockies at Dodgers: FSN-RM, 2:10 PM -- Jhoulys Chacin vs John Ely -- John Ely? That doesn't sound like a pitcher. That sounds like a golfer. Like a John Daly from New Zealand.

New England Revolution at Colorado Rapids: KWGN Ch. 2, 7:00 PM -- Yea, so the Rapids play tomorrow and nobody likes anything from Boston. Head over to Burgandy Wave for more coverage. But did you guys see what Theirry Henry of the Red Bulls did to the FC Dallas keeper the other night? Take it easy bro, watch out for the goalie...


Seahawks at Broncos: FOX, 2:05 -- Pete Carroll is all like "win forever!" after beating the 49ers last weekend, but does he know that San Francisco is quarterbacked by Alex Smith? Kyle Orton is no Alex Smith. Heck, Tim Tebow would start before Alex Smith (Tebow starts before all), therefore the Broncos will handle Seattle with ease.

Rockies at Dodgers: FSN-RM, 2:10 PM -- Jeff Francis vs Clayton Kershaw -- If a lot of things go our way this weekend, we could wake up in first place on Monday. First, we need Jeffery to actually pitch a few innings, so that we can take care of the Dodgers.

Boardwalk Empire: HBO, 7:00 PM -- Series Premiere -- I. CAN'T. WAIT. I implore you to watch this show.