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Denver Fan Confidence Polls - Sept. 16

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With the arrival of our Colorado Rapids blog, Burgundy Wave, we now have six Fan Confidence polls for our Denver teams. Air Force and Colorado State Rams bloggers we are looking for you to join the network. This week let's break these ratings down into several categories.

Nosedive Of The Week

Colorado Buffaloes football - 23 Fan Confidence Score

Wow, last week's game against the Cal Golden Bears was horrible. This score should come as no surprise, though. Was this game a preview of what will happen once CU starts play in the PAC-12 in a couple of years? CU takes on Hawaii this weekend, and Hawaii's pass-happy offense might make this score sink lower.

Steady As She Goes

Denver Nuggets - 47 Fan Confidence Score

As long as Carmelo Anthony's future hangs in the balance, Nuggets fans aren't going to feel quite that good about the team until they start winning games in the new season.

The New Kid On The Block

Colorado Rapids - 63 Fan Confidence Score

Actually, this is the first official score for the Rapids. Before the site launched, I'm guessing Chris was the only one to vote in the poll, and that's why the team had a 100 Confidence Score for last week. Of course, one way to understand these scores better would be if we knew how many votes were recorded. This rating could be the average of only five or six of us.

We Could Go Either Way

Denver Broncos - 65 Fan Confidence Score

Win and everyone should be happy. Lose and everyone tries to blame someone or something for the loss. The Broncos lost their first game and fan confidence dipped into the 60s. Will Denver fans up this score after Sunday's game against Seattle?

We're Feeling Good, But . . .

Colorado Rockies - 78 Fan Confidence Score

The Rockies are enjoying another September to remember with the hot hitting of Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez. However, the Rockies recently lost two of three to the NL West-leading San Francisco Giants and are now two and one-half games behind them. It's going to be a few tense weeks to determine the NL playoff teams.

Our Season Hasn't Even Started Yet And We Feel Great!

Colorado Avalanche - 80 Fan Confidence Score

This score has been trending upward over the last few weeks, and why shouldn't it have been doing that? The Avalanche re-signed both Chris Stewart and Peter Mueller recently. Training camp gets underway tomorrow, Sept. 17.