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Maurice Jones-Drew Sounds A Little Jealous Of Tim Tebow

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You think Maurice Jones-Drew is a little bit sick of all of the Tim Tebow hype in Jacksonville? Jones-Drew had this to say when asked about his 98 rushing yards in Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos:


"It wasn't really about us. It was about Tim & his 2 yards & 2 carries."


Whoa, MJD. You mad? I mean, it's not like the game on Sunday was sold out because thousands of Floridans bought tickets hoping for a chance to see Tim play in his first regular season football game. Oh wait, it was? Sorry about that. Well, it's not like Tim Tebow gets more local media coverage than you do now that he has left the University of Florida and is a second string quarterback on an NFL team half way across the country. Really? He still does (note the permanent Tim Tebow link at the top of the page)? 


Well, then I guess Jones-Drew does have reason to be a little bit jealous.