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Manny Corpas To Undergo Tommy John Surgery Next Week

Back on Aug. 25 when the Rockies made a miraculous comeback against the Braves, reliever Manuel Corpas experienced pain in his right elbow. After more evaluation on his arm, Manuel Corpas joins the long list of players who have had Tommy John surgery:

Colorado Rockies reliever Manuel Corpas will undergo Tommy John surgery Sept. 8. [...]

Yocum confirmed the diagnosis that Corpas has a slight tear in the UCL and needs Tommy John surgery. That reconstructive elbow operation will be performed by Dr. Thomas Noonan, the Rockies medical director, in Denver. Recovery time is typically 12-18 months.

Ever since his breakout season in 2007, Corpas has experienced a series of downs as Brian Fuentes regained his form in 2008 and took back the closer's job and then lost it to Huston Street in 2009.

He will likely miss all of the 2011 season, but when he returns in 2012 there may be too many good, young arms for Corpas to beat out.