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Buffaloes Fall Camp: Travon Patterson Having Transfer Issues

Recent transfer Travon Patterson was unable to participate in the Buffaloes first practice of the 2010 season yesterday when some possible questions arose around his transfer from USC.

Patterson, a senior, was allowed to leave USC last month after the NCAA put that program on probation for major rules violations. The NCAA supplied a waiver to all USC juniors and seniors allowing them to transfer without having to sit out the customary year.

However, sources said USC and the Pac-10 questioned whether Patterson should be allowed to transfer to CU, which joined the conference in June but won't compete in the league until 2011 or 2012.

The concern over Patterson coming to CU is curious because he is a senior who won't be at CU when the Buffs actually begin competing in the Pac-10. However, the league is apparently concerned over applying its transfer rules consistently to all members regardless of their membership status. Pac-10 rules require student-athletes to sit out one season when transferring within the conference.

This would seem to be a pretty clear cut case, but as we have seen numerous times, nothing is ever easy with the NCAA. Patterson will be gone whether the Buffaloes begin play in 2011 or 2012, so he isn't transferring to a Pac-10 school. While it may be the final year of play in the Big 12 conference, the fact remains that until next spring, Colorado is a member in full standing.

Also noted in the Daily Camera article is a bit of better news:

Paul Richardson, a 6-foot-3, 200-pound wide receiver has decided to come to CU and is in the process of being admitted to the school. Richardson initially signed earlier this year with UCLA but that school kicked him out of its program when he was arrested in June and charged with felony theft of a purse.

Richardson visited campus a week ago and was unsure if he would become a Buff. He surprised more than a few fans by showing up Thursday.