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Weekend Stay Inside And Watch Sports Guide - Sort Of Football Edition

You live in Denver. You can watch sports AND be outside. Hello rooftops!

All times Mountain.


Rockies at Pirates: FSN-RM, 5:05 PM -- Jason Hammel vs Zach Duke -- After correctly calling the Rocks sweep over the Cubs last week I can once again confidently declare that the Rockies will also sweep the rest of this series.

Friday Night Lights: NBC, 7:00 PM -- The 4th season finale. This show is awesome and if you haven't been watching you need to quit being so stupid and catch up. Pretty sure that the Buffs would never lose a game if they piped in Explosions in the Sky like they do in the show.


Rockies at Pirates: FSN-RM, 5:05 PM -- Jorge De La Rosa vs Russ Ohlendorf -- De La Rosa is still looking to return to his preinjury form, but his last few starts have gotten better. We need Jorge to step it up

San Jose Earthquakes at Colorado Rapids: FSC, 7:00 PM -- Hopefully the Rapids have that one win month out of their system. After a promising start to the season, Colorado has started slipping further and further down the standings. This is a must win that could be made even harder if Conor Casey has to miss any time with a head laceration.


Rockies at Pirates: FSN-RM, 11:35 PM -- Someone vs Paul Maholm -- Not sure who is going to start this one but if I have read correctly then there is a good chance it could be Esmil Rodgers, but I'll let the Rowbots correct me in the comments of I'm wrong.

Cowboys vs Bengals: NBC, 6:00 PM -- Well it isn't exactly real football, but I'll take it. Here's how it will go, you'll be pumped up all day about the return of football.  You might even go pick up plenty of beers and some queso. The beginning of the game will have you relieved that your favorite sport has returned.  Then, somewhere around the 4th or 5th series of the game you will realize that it's preseason football and it sucks.