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Colorado Mammoth Have First Pick In Friday's Dispersal Draft

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The Orlando Titans of the National Lacrosse League have ceased operations and the Colorado Mammoth will be the beneficiary of this closure by owning the first overall pick. The Mammoth will likely pick Matt Vinc, arguably the best goalie in the game:

“Winning championships begins and ends with goaltending,” said [GM Steve] Govett, offering insight into the Mammoth’s game-plan.

This selection can help the Mammoth for years to come, but they need to choose wisely.

While the Mammoth benefit from this player-wise, the Titans' demise shows the instability of growing and sustaining this league.

Govett went further and said:

“Quality ownership, like we have here in Colorado, is very important. Also, the teams in the league need to continue to support each other and share resources on how to sell tickets. Orlando proved that it’s not always just about the product on the field. They had a great team for three years, but the organization has to be able to sell tickets and put people in the seats to gain stability. We are fortunate to have a dedicated fan base and an organization that does a great job of selling tickets and that allows us to focus and work toward putting a winning team on the field.”

To a successful Mammoth's season!