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Rockies Ready For Post-Trade Deadline Deals?

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According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Nationals have placed Adam Dunn on waivers. Olney goes on further to suggest that baseball people believe the Rockies may be one of the team’s putting claim in on him:

The wide expectation among some executives is that an NL team like the Colorado Rockies or San Francisco Giants will be awarded a claim on Dunn, and that the AL teams that had serious interest in Dunn before the July 31 trade deadline — the Chicago White Sox, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees — will never have an opportunity to acquire Dunn.

Given the Rockies’ decision to not make a big deal at the non-waiver trade deadline, it seems more likely that the Rockies want to block other teams from acquiring Dunn rather than trade for him. But he sure would look good in purple pinstripes.