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Peaks & Valleys - August 31 - Rockies Win Late One

It's the end of August already? That can only mean playoff races in baseball and the start of the NFL regular season! For the former, the Rockies are now three and a half games back of the Wild Card-leading Philadelphia Phillies and five games behind the NL West-leading San Diego Padres. The Padres have lost five straight and the Rockies beat the Giants in dramatic fashion last night.

Following the usual script, the Rockies' offense failed to appear and left the starting pitcher on the hook for the lostt. Jorge De La Rosa pitched well for seven innings, allowing only one run. But then miracles do happen. Dexter Fowler led off the ninth inning with a walk. Then Carlos Gonzalez delivered a hit to Triples Alley, mostly due to Cody Ross' hilarious attempt to catch the ball. Fowler scored and Gonzalez slid into third. As Gonzalez touched third, Freddy Sanchez's throw wound up going into the stands, which gave Gonzalez home plate and the Rockies the lead. Huston Street followed with a 1-2-3 inning in the bottom of the ninth. Ah, the smell of a Rockies run to the playoffs!

The NFL starts its roster cuts today and the road to a 53-man roster for the Broncos comes soon after. Only 12 days until the start of the season. Football fever is rising.

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