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Denver Fan Confidence Polls

We're two months into SB Nation Denver's life and we haven't touched much on the Fan Confidence Polls that appear on the team specific blogs and here in the sections portion of the site. These polls are designed to gauge confidence in teams (OK, that's obvious). And if any beat writer visits these regional sites, or the individual ones as most sites now have a fan confidence poll on them, a number is available to help them write something about the fan base.

After some initial misunderstanding on how these polls work, I believe we now have a good enough sense to make some conclusions about the Denver teams.

Commentary on the results after the jump.

Colorado Avalanche: 59. The Avalanche have done nothing this offseason and still need to meet the salary cap floor. With the team still working to build a contender, I'd say this is a pretty high confidence rating.

Colorado Buffaloes: 62. This has been the steadiest one since polling started at the end of June. Dan Hawkins is still the head coach.

Colorado Rockies: 56. Right around the All-Star Break fan confidence peaked in the Rockies, reaching into the 70s, but it plummeted over the next couple of weeks with that horrible road trip. Things have picked up for the Rockies recently; however, with only a month left in the season, the Rockies will need to pull off one of their long winning streaks again.

Denver Broncos: 70. This is the highest of the five teams and probably the most surprising of all the teams. With injuries surrounding this team and a defense still trying to find its identity, fans appear to to believe in the Broncos with the season less than two weeks away.

Denver Nuggets: 44. With Carmelo Anthony's future in Denver dangling in thin air, Denver's future is right there beside him.

Hopefully we'll have site-specific blogs for CSU, Air Force, and the Rapids one day. Something tells me that the Rapids one might happen sooner than you expect.