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George Karl Sends Mark Warkentien Off Properly

The Denver Post caught up with Nuggets head coach George Karl to get his reaction to the news that executive (and longtime Karl friend) Mark Warkentien has been released.

Karl offered a heartfelt goodbye.

“I have a lot of love and friendship with Mark. Over the last few years, we pulled off some incredible personnel moves, Mark and I work very well as a team, but I also respect Stan (Kroenke) and the organization. … I respect his decision and I respect that we will move hopefully in a direction that will somehow, someway, be better. But Mark, to me, is a very, very first-class personnel guy.”

“As a coach, there’s always frustrating moments with personnel. Always moments that we disagree. But Mark and I, in the last 20 years, worked together probably 10 of those years. We can fight with each other, hang up on each other, and we still work together. That’s an asset. In the same sense, Stan is very capable and interesting and kind of eccentric owner in a lot of ways.