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Uh Oh, Report Says Carmelo May Not Sign Extension

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There isn't a whole lot to say here that hasn't already be said so I'll just go ahead and let HoopsWorld's Alex Kennedy tell the story for me:


Sources close to the situation don't expect Carmelo Anthony to sign an extension with the Denver Nuggets this summer.less than a minute ago via web


Sources say that Carmelo isn't too worried about next season's potential lockout and he wants to explore his options next summer.less than a minute ago via web


Also, this may be unrelated, but Anthony is preparing to sell his Denver home.less than a minute ago via web


This is just a "sources say" rumor so far, but the fact of the matter is, if Melo is going to take the extension then why has he waited? When will he learn how the new CBA will effect his opportunities to make money elsewhere if he chooses not to sign this deal? Anthony will have all season to sign and stay with the Nuggets. But that certainly won't help anyone in Denver rest easy.