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Peaks & Valleys - August 27 - Rockies Ready For Los Angeles Dodgers

Now that we're two days after the Rockies' comeback victory, we can start to have some perspective. If you visited Purple Row throughout the day yesterday, the daily Rockplie changed quite a bit to show how our perspective on things change given time. It was very postmodern of her. Look at what the Rockpile ended with on its last edit:

By the time somebody else reads this post, this sentence might be gone.

Look at yesterday's edition of P&V. I tried to place Wednesday's game into the context of other games that propelled the Rockies into the playoffs. But we can only proclaim those two contests are significant events until after the team made the playoffs. In 2007 the Rockies also needed help from Trevor Hoffman and Tony Gwynn Jr. to make the playoffs. Last year, the Rockies still had a month left to play in the season to win the Wild Card.

Right now, we don't know what Wednesday's game means in the greater scheme of things. We'd liked to think it's the game-changer, the one that let's us know that team is for real. But we can choose any number of games to prove that. A week from now the comeback victory could just be a faint memory as the Rockies wallow in an offensive malaise. In the offseason, it could be one of the highlights of a season that had so much potential but never lived up to it.

What we do know is that the Rockies face the Dodgers and the Giants over the next two series and are only four games back in the Wild Card.

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