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Report: Denver Police Re-Open Investigation Into J.R. Smith Choking Incident

Earlier we noted that Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith was being investigated for a potential choking incident at the team’s practice facility. Today, the Denver Post reports that Denver Police have re-opened that investigation.

An assault investigation of Nuggets guard J.R. Smith — stemming from an alleged choking during a pickup game at the Pepsi Center earlier this month — was reopened Thursday, according to the Denver Police Department.

Mary Dulaki, who is in charge of records for Denver Police, said today the case for the Aug. 13 incident in the Nuggets’ practice gym has been reopened. Now, the initial police report, which was requested by The Denver Post, is now part of an open investigation and cannot be released.

“Additional information has come forward,” she said. “A witness they hadn’t gotten before, they’ve now interviewed and made a decision to reopen the case.”

It’s not often a police investigation of an NBA player isn’t the team’s top story but today is no ordinary day for the Denver Nuggets. They agreed to hire a new general manager and their star player is making serious noise that he wants out. Oof.

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