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Avs, Nuggets Owner Stan Kroenke Unanimously Approved As New Owner Of St. Louis Rams

Avs and Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke has been a partial owner in the NFL's St. Louis Rams since the mid-90s, and after today's unanimous vote by NFL owners, Kroenke is now the full owner of the team. In order to work around NFL rules regarding cross-ownership, Kroenke will yield control of the Avalanche and Nuggets to his son, Josh.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen voiced no objections to Kroenke's full purchase of the Rams:

"Pat looks at it as we have been in this situation since Stan bought the Denver assets in 2000," said Joe Ellis, the Broncos' chief executive officer. "They've been competitors and partners, and this doesn't change the situation. Pat has the utmost respect for Stan and believes he'd be the right owner for the St. Louis Rams."

With rookie QB Sam Bradford as the future of the Rams, Kroenke will look to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to St. Louis.