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Should We Even Care That Some Website Named Tim Tebow Most Eligible Christian Bachelor Of The Year?

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How much Tebow news is too much Tebow news? There are probably many out there who would respond that all of it is. That may be true.


As I do every morning, I read through the Denver Post online in hopes of finding something interesting to read. I found this gem of an article: "Website names Tebow most eligible Christian bachelor of year." I just reached that point where Tebow news is too much Tebow news. I really don't care. Do something that's actually newsworthy and you'll make it on here. Tie your shoe lace, sorry.


But if that Tebow news is your thing and you haven't checked out the full press release yet, you can find it here. (I mean, if I am going to write something about Tebow, I should milk it for all the traffic he generates on the interwebz).