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Air Force Announces The Building Of A New Indoor Practice Facility

An indoor practice facility is finally making its way to the Air Force Academy, and the hope is to have better practices when the weather gets bad. The current indoor practice area is too small to fit the entire team to practice at one time. Plus, the school will benefit from recruiting with a shiny new facility: 

Air Force is the only service academy and one of two teams in the Mountain West without an indoor practice center. That will change in the next year after Air Force gets the congressional notification it needs to start building a privately funded indoor training facility.

The notification is basically a formality, and once it's in hand, groundbreaking can begin. The $16 million facility, which will have about a 94,000-square-foot interior, according to the academy, will take about six to eight months to complete.

This space will allow for full-team practices during the winter months when there is too much snow on the ground and, more importantly, it will allow the Falcons to keep pace with the other Mountain West schools that have indoor practice facilities.