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Speculation: Melo To The Clippers? Really?

Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post is reporting that it’s a “possibility” that the Nuggets trade forward Carmelo Anthony to the Los Angeles Clippers, the world’s worst sports franchise, if they are unable to agree to a contract extension.

Meanwhile, if the Nuggets cannot convince Carmelo Anthony to sign an extension with the team and they decide to trade him at some point, could it be to the Los Angeles Clippers? I’m hearing it could be a possibility. It would get both he and his wife, La La, out to where entertainment opportunities are plentiful, which is key factor in their decision to want to move on. The Nuggets might be able to get a good young player or two or draft picks, and Anthony would be able to play on a team with some good up-and-coming talent.

Beep! That’s a reaching foul on Mr. Dempsey. In this day and age when star players are able to choose their destinations and decide their fate more than ever before, it’s almost unfathomable that a player of Anthony’s caliber would wind up on a team of the Clippers caliber, regardless of which D-List celebrity is calling the shots in his relationship.