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Colorado Buffaloes Name Tyler Hansen Starting QB

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Most of us have suspected it would happen throughout the spring and summer, but now it is official. The updated depth chart has been released and junior Tyler Hansen has been named the Colorado Buffaloes starting quarterback for the 2010 college football season. Both Hansen and senior Cody Hawkins were informed of the decision on Friday morning by offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau.

Hansen deserves this opportunity to start the season as the Buffaloes offensive leader after burning redshirts the last two seasons and being shuffled in and out of the position to deal with injuries and ineffectiveness. He has been working a majority of the time with the one's since the end of the 2009 season and has emerged as a team leader with both the offense and the defense. His athleticism gives the Buffs a threat that is not there with Hawkins and if his decision making improves, we can hope to see a much improved offensive unit this year. 

Cody Hawkins will still play a major role in the success of this team, whether it is from the bench or the playing field, and we shouldn't forget his contributions to the team and how hard he has worked every year that he has been here.

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