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McDaniels: Tim Tebow And Others Won't Be Hurried Back For Saturday's Preseason Game

Earlier we noted that Denver quarterback Tim Tebow will likely be held out of this Saturday’s preseason game between the Broncos and the Detroit Lions due to a rib injury.

According to, Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels wouldn’t commit for certain one direction or another but did say that healthy players would be allowed to play.

“There’s a chance that a lot of those guys that aren’t out here won’t play,” McDaniels said Thursday, referring generally to Broncos players who were not at practice. “We are just going to see in the next 24 to 36 hours how all of them respond to the treatment they are getting, and we’ll make the best decision hopefully for the team going forward. We are not going to worry about trying to hurry anybody back for this game, but if they’re healthy and we feel like it’s not a risk then we’ll go ahead and play them.”