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1996 Avalanche Reuniting For 2010 Home Opener

Last year's tribute to Joe Sakic before the home opener against the San Jose Sharks was a great success and a special moment. How could the Colorado Avalanche possibly top that production this season?


How about reuniting the entire 1996 Stanley Cup winning team? According to the Denver Post's Adrian Dater, the Colorado Avalanche are planning on gathering the members of that championship team as a celebration of their achievement 15 seasons ago. Further details have yet to be released, but it sure seems that the October 7 home opener against the current Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks will be a very special event.


If the start of hockey season wasn't enough to excite you, then surely the chance to see Patrick Roy, Joe Sakic, and Peter Forsberg on the same ice together one more time is worth the price of admission.


UPDATE: We now have an official press release from the Colorado Avalanche. It appears the celebration will be a two day event that will reach it's peak in a pre-game celebration before the home opener.