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Tim Tebow Leaves Broncos Practice Due To Apparent Rib Injury

Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow missed practice Wednesday due to what reporters are calling a possible rib injury.

The Denver Post describes the scene.

Tebow was holding his left side as he walked off the practice field Wednesday. The injury does not appear to be serious _ Tebow participated in two practices Tuesday, although he was wearing a flak jacket in the afternoon practice. He did not join the team in the post-workout conditioning sprints.

Tebow was out for the start of practice Wednesday, but about 15 minutes in counseled with head trainer Steve "Greek' Antonopulos, then headed for the locker room.

Digital Sports Daily breaks it down further.

The severity of the injury is not known but coach Josh McDaniels said after practice that Tebow would play about a quarter in the team's preseason game Saturday, so it could be assumed it's not serious and Wednesday's departure was just a precaution. He was wearing a protective brace over the rib on Tuesday.

Tebow first suffered the injury during his touchdown run to close out the Broncos preseason game Sunday night.

Dennis Georgatos adds some background details on NFL Fanhouse.

He took a hard hit in Sunday night's preseason game at Cincinnati, when he ran through two Bengals defenders en route to a 7-yard touchdown run on the final play. Tebow may have suffered an injury to his rib cage area when he took a double-barreled hit in the midsection from linebacker Abdul Hodge and safety Kyries Hebert.

This StoryStream will update as more information becomes available.

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