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Peaks & Valleys - August 17 - Rockies Score Big At Signing Deadline

It was mostly a quiet day yesterday, no? Except for:


Even without any games on schedule yesterday, there was plenty of news. The Melo story is what it is: a lot of smoke but no actual fire burning. Yet. One thing I know for sure, is that I don't want to stash that Melo jersey I have in storage and never see it again. It's also the only jersey I have for any sport. Probably should pick up one or two from some other Colorado teams.


It took over two months, but the Rockies finally signed their top two picks: Clemson outfielder Kyle Parker and high school pitcher Peter Tago. A couple of days earlier the Rockies also signed high school catcher Will Swanner. This is a very good haul for the Rockies. While Parker will play football this fall, his future appears to be in baseball. Parker could conceivably play football for a couple of more seasons, but he would lose money if that happened. Tago is projectable righty who needs to develop a third pitch but has a good fastball already. Swanner could have gone as high as the second round but fell due to a strong commitment to college. The Rockies eventually bought him out for $490,000.


Many players are placed on waivers in July, but in Brad Hawpe's case the Rockies may actually want to move him. However, if the Rockies stick with him for the rest of the season they could decline his 2011 option, offer arbitration, and let him leave through free agency. That way the team would receive draft pick compensation for him. One way or another, Hawpe's time with the team is winding down.