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Baseball Signing Deadline: Will Kyle Parker Sign With The Rockies?

After the Rockies and Kyle Parker failed to reach agreement on a no-football deal back on July 20, Parker returned to Clemson as the starting quarterback for this upcoming season. However, that falling out did not mean an end to signing with the Rockies.

The deadline to sign draft picks is tonight at midnight and it appears as if talks between the two sides will go down to the wire. From the Post and Courier:

A source close to the Rockies believes the Parkers are asking for $3 million and believes the Rockies might increase their offer to $2.5 million, a deal that would not allow Parker to play football beyond this season.

While not ruling anything out, Carl Parker indicated it might become difficult to complete a "creative" deal that allows Parker to sign with the Rockies and continue playing football beyond the 2010 season.

What is clear is that Parker will play college football on Saturdays in the fall, but that if he signs with the Rockies it will likely be the end of his football career after 2010.

The Rockies' supplemental first round pick Peter Tago is unsigned, but he is also likely to sign.