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ESPN: League Sources Say Anthony Leaving Just A Matter Of When, Not If

While the majority of the NBA’s top players made headlines as free agents this offseason, the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony is expected to garner the majority of the free agency headlines next season.

And, well, he’s not wasting any time according to a report from ESPN’s Ric Bucher.

League sources say it is now a matter of when, not if, Anthony and the Nuggets will go their separate ways.

Anthony is weighing whether to sign a three-year, $65 million extension offered by the Nuggets. His dilemma, league sources say, is what affords him the best chance of continuing his career elsewhere. Anthony could sign with Denver and convince the team to then trade him. His other option would be to not sign the extension, thereby forcing the team to move him rather than risk losing him next summer as a free agent.

In either case, “he’s going to make it real clear that he’s not coming back,” said one league source.

But both Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke and Anthony already are well aware that they don’t have a future together, sources say. That became clear to Kroenke at a reception after Anthony’s July 11 nuptials to La La Vasquez in Manhattan.

Bucher reported that Anthony’s agent, Leon Rose, could not be reached for comment and the Nuggets declined to comment.