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Colorado To Take On Ohio State In 2011 If They Can Complete The Move To The Pac-10 Next Year

Colorado Athletic Director Mike Bohn recently told the Houston CU Alumni chapter that Colorado could feature a high profile Big 10 opponent on the 2011 schedule if the Buffs were indeed making the move to the Pac-10 next year.

Speaking of scheduling, he said that, "if we leave the Big 12 in 2011, which it looks like we will, our re-vamped schedule features a major cross-sectional game with a Big Ten team."

Reports are now saying that the game will see the Buffaloes travel to Columbus to take on Ohio State. As if we didn't already want the move to happen in 2011, this kind of non-conference match up should have Buff fans salivating and could really help the Buffs with a national spotlight game. Come on guys, lets get this move done as soon as we can.