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Peaks & Valleys - August 12 - Omar Quintanilla, Francisco Rodriguez Suffer Bad Days

Wasn't yesterday just filled with excitement and fear? Football injuries, grand slams, PED suspensions, and a Met being arrested for assault after the game ended. Wait, what were those last two? Yep, PED use and an arrest. The only thing that could have made this day even more complete would have been a meteor striking the baseball diamond.


-Melvin Mora hit a grand slam to put the Rockies up 5-2 in the top of the eighth.

-The Rockies won a game I was in attendance--a rare event. I sat in the Pepsi Porch and as soon as Mora hit that grand slam Mets fans stood up and walked out in single file.

Level Ground

-Robert Ayers left the practice field with an injury but turned out to be fine. Phew! But still scary.


-The same cannot be said for TE Marquez Branson, who suffered a sprained right ankle, and WR Jabar Gaffney, who left earlier in the day with an undisclosed injury and did not return.

-As you read in the first link in the Starting Lineup, Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez was arrested after the game for assaulting an individual, allegedly his father-in-law. Rodriguez didn't pitch in the game, but the annoying fans who talked about their State Farm insurance for five innings thought K-Rod should have been brought in for the end of the eighth inning.

-Reason #X that we shouldn't assume all PED users are big and can be eye-balled as such: Omar Quintanilla. Quintanilla spent time on the Rockies' major league roster from 2005-2009 (he peaked with 81 games in 2008) and spent 2010 in the minors with injuries. He is now suspended for 50 games.

On Tap For Today

-The Rockies close out their series with the Mets at 10:10 a.m MT. Jason Hammel faces Johan Santana. As of this writing it's been raining lightly, but this shouldn't affect the game's start time.