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Attn Jim Tracy: Play Iannetta!

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In last night's surprising exhilarating unreal ninth inning comeback against St. Louis, one of the key moments actually happened in the seventh inning, when manager Jim Tracy pinch hit Chris Iannetta and then placed him at third base for the remainder of the game. Iannetta ended up hitting the 3-run HR that made the comeback a possibility.


So why hasn't this happened more often? In fact, why not play Iannetta (who is swinging a hot bat since returning from AAA) at first or third base when Olivo starts at catcher? If there is a catching injury, Iannetta can just shift behind the plate.


All season long, the the Rockies' lineup has suffered from two main weaknesses; another right handed power bat to complement Olivo, and a lack of power at the corners of the diamond. It looks like we have an in-house solution, as long as Jim Tracy is willing to be a bit creative.