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Kenyon Martin Still Has 'No Timetable' For Recovery From Knee Injury

The Associated Press reports that Denver Nuggets power forward Kenyon Martin has "no timetable for his return from his latest knee operation."

The Denver Nuggets forward spoke briefly after arriving at his basketball camp in the Rocky Mountains on Tuesday, and in his first public comments since his latest operation, Martin told The Associated Press his surgically repaired left knee was feeling better but that he had no idea when he'll hit the NBA hardcourt again.

"The timetable is when I'm ready. When the knee is ready," Martin said. "No timetable has been set. As far as coming back, when I'm ready, I'm ready. I'm doing all I can. I am rehabbing every day. Twice a day some days. So I'm definitely making progress."

Martin endured a tough end to his season this year, which included missing stretches during the Spring, receiving advanced PRP blood treatment and playing somewhat limited minutes in the playoffs.  Much to Denver's disappointment, the Nuggets were bounced in the first round by the Utah Jazz, their Northwest Division rivals.  

As the Nuggets face something of a crossroads this offseason Kenyon Martin remains just another question mark.

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