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Weekend Stay Inside And Watch Sports Guide - Winning Streak Edition

You live in Denver. You can watch sports AND be outside. Hello rooftops!

All times Mountain


Cubs at Rockies: FSN-RM, 7:10 PM -- Jeff Francis vs Ryan Dempster -- The laws of baseball say that every time you exit a long losing streak, you always begin a long winning streak. This means that we will most definitely sweep the Cubs. It's already been determined.


Cubs at Rockies: FSN-RM, 6:10 PM -- Jason Hammel vs Tom Gorzelanny -- There are not many fans of the Cubs so you shouldn't have a problem strolling up to the gate at game time and procuring a ticket on this fine Saturday evening. 

FC Dallas at Colorado Rapids: FSC, 2:00 PM -- Ex-FC Dallas Hoop (man these MLS clubs need official nicknames) and new Rapid (again with the names) Anthony Wallace will watch from the sidelines as his new club takes his former one. Colorado needs a result here as they haven't won outright since June 5th.


Cubs at Rockies: FSN-RM, 1:10 PM -- Jorge De La Rosa vs Carlos Silva -- The day after the trade deadline will give us our first look at what happens when a team decides that it is not buying or selling, but "rearranging".

SHARK WEEK: Discovery Channel, 7:00 PM -- Do you like sharks? Of course you like sharks. Everyone likes sharks. Shark Week kicks off with "Ultimate Air Jaws". Sharks jumping out of the water and eating things. How can the Discovery Channel have everything so figured out while the networks scramble to correct their falling ratings? SHARKS JUMPING OUT OF THE WATER AND EATING THINGS. It seems so easy...