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Billups Finalist For USA Basketball Roster Spot

Denver Nuggets' guard Chauncey Billups survived the first round of roster cuts for Team USA Basketball earlier today. Billups had been participating in the summer camp held in Las Vegas the past two weeks and was one of 15 players chosen to stay on the roster.


The team is preparing for the World Championships held in Turkey next month, though they will look dramatically different from the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal team. Most of the big names chose against attending camp this year due to the enormous NBA free agency bonanza this summer.


Billups joins up and coming stars such as Kevin Durant, Eric Gordon, and Rajon Rondo on the roster. At 33, he is by far the most senior member of the team, with the next closest being Tyson Chandler at age 27. The majority of the roster is under the age of 25, with the USA committee banking on athleticism and speed to help them achieve a world championship, making Billups the veteran and de facto leader of the squad as currently constructed.