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Is Tulowitzki Rushing Back?

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Troy Renck is reporting that Troy Tulowitzki will be activated from the disabled list on Tuesday, in time to begin the homestand against the Pittsburgh Pirates. But is it too soon?


When Tulowitzki first went on the DL with a broken wrist in June, early reports had him out 6-8 weeks at the minimum. Yet here we are at the end of July and he is already returning to the starting lineup as an everyday player. As exciting as it will be to see the de facto team leader back on the field, the timing of his return is more than suspect. The Colorado Rockies have suffered a devastating road trip, going 2-8 so far with the bats being nonexistent for the vast majority. The team has appeared sluggish and unable to make that one play that normally makes the difference in a ballgame.


A quick look at Tulowitzki's rehab starts in the minor leagues ( .182 BA, .503 OPS) suggest he simply isn't ready to face major league pitching. As much as the team needs a spark right now, the Rockies already have a slick fielding middle infielder with no power in Johnny Herrera. There's a chance All-Star Tulowitzki would be a downgrade at this point in the season.