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Game Over Man, Game Over: Seattle Wins 2-1

The good news: The Rapids didn’t lose 1-0 this time!

The bad news: They found a new, different way to lose.

That old seven-game unbeaten streak is now a six game streak without a win, after four draws and two losses. This isn’t the way to win, but Colorado had no offense once again and the defense made one more mishap than usual combined with a bit of bad luck.

Seattle’s Steve Zakuani struck first with a nice shot inside a cluster of players in the box, which hit the post and bounced in off of Matt Pickens’ back. Had Matt not dove, it probably wouldn’t have gone in but that’s the luck of football for you. Literally seconds later, a great pass to Omar Cummings left the striker wide open for a blast that bent right into the top of the net, a very pretty goal and the one that made it level.

Zakuani would strike again on a lapse by the entire Colorado defense that left him open zipping toward the net, striking one in right at the byline. Colorado had several great attempts after that – Cummings in particular had a wide open shot in front of goal that he skied instead of burying – but as has been the theme recently, nobody could finish what they started, the entire team lacked first touch and the game ended in the Rapids loss. To add injury to insult, Conor Casey in the last minute of the game suffered what looked to be a severe head injury, with his forehead bleeding out profusely after he tried to send in a header in the box.

One odd note - after the Rapids website and coach Gary Smith pimping the idea of changing full time to the 4-4-2 that got all the chances in the Kansas City game, the Rapids came out in their usual 4-5-1 formation after all, keeping their usual 4-5-1 offense as well, unfortunately.

Eventually it will be possible to use Mad Libs to write these game recaps, since the Rapids lose so similarly every game.

Colorado is now in what is basically a “must-win” situation with its next two games against FC Dallas and San Jose, stuck at 23 points and desperately needing more to separate themselves from the pack. Seattle with the win now has 22 points, dangerously close to overtaking the burgundy and blue.