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It's Official: Kyle Parker Will Stay At Clemson Next Year

Kyle Parker has released a statement making it official that he will play football at Clemson next year. As we mentioned previously, Parker and the Rockies are still working on a contract that will have him join the team in the future. 

"I am excited about this decision," Parker said in a prepared statement. "I am ready to get back to Clemson, work out with my football teammates and coaches and get ready for the season. The closer you get to football season the more you think about playing in Death Valley, running down the hill and being a part of the Clemson football tradition.

"I want to thank Coach [Dabo] Swinney for his patience in this process. I thought it was important to make a decision about football at this time to be fair to Coach Swinney and the team.

"I was in a situation where I couldn't make a bad decision. All my options are still on the table at this point. The only option I have ruled out is playing baseball exclusively for the Colorado Rockies right now. Negotiations will continue with the Rockies, but I will play football at Clemson this fall."

Clemson fans are an excited bunch today...